About ATH Incoming

The Ultime All Time High Tool

Our Drive to Climb

By tracking new and current tokens on all Ath Services, this brings with it a whole new agenda and focuses on the important factors which include but are not limited to volume and how often a token breaks its previous all time high.

Everyone in crypto is obsessed with healthy charts and high volume, bringing all these factors together Ath Incoming offers services that are unique and innovative in their delivery but most importantly sought after.

How many times have you came across the sentence 'ath incoming' its a name that rings in all crypto enthusiasts ears, when the climb begins its everywhere this is where the inspiration came from and its where our focus as a token shall stand.

What is Crypto?!

ATH Tools

The ultimate package for the ultimate investor

ATH Incoming Bot

The AthIncomingBot is a telegram bot used to track a tokens previous, current and new All Time High data and much more.

Current Key Features of the AthIncomingBot:

  • Trending Channel
  • All Time High Notifications
  • Live Token Data
  • Buy Notifications
  • Ranking & Advertisement
  • Huge Upgrades & Add Ons To Come!



AI Xplorer is a clean and intelligent chart and portfolio management application which aims to improve on existing DEXs in several ways.

Initial Key Features of AI Xplorer:

  • Smart Charting By AI
  • Auto profit, Cut loss
  • Outcome Recommendations
  • Portfolio Management
  • Risk Analyser
  • Trending & Advertisement
  • More TBA!


Holders of a Ath Key NFT have access to all Ath Incoming has to offer, being in the elite club aint easy as they are extremely limited and offer great passive income.

Current Key Features of the Ath Key:

  • Share of 2% of overall volume from $ATH
  • Share of 10% of all Ath Tools revenue
  • Premium access to AI Xplorer
  • Access to Ath VIP chat, (min hold required)
  • 7 days free ad space (every 6 months)
  • Much more TBA!

About $ATH


Coin Image

$ATH Token

Ethereum (ERC20) Smart Contract:

Liquidity has been locked and ownership has been renounced, owner has no access to any special permissions.

Trading Tax: 5% Buy $ Sell Split: 1% Ath Key Treasury, 4% Marketing
Trading Limits: No Wallet & Transaction Limits
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 (1B)
Distribution: Liquidity: 95%, CEX Listing: 5%



The Climb Ahead

Q1 2023
⚬ Ath Incoming Bot Release
⚬ Ath Key NFT Pre Order
⚬ Stealth Launch
⚬ Initial Tier 3 Marketing
⚬ Community Build
⚬ Ath Incoming Bot Major Upgrade
⚬ CEX Listing
⚬ CoinMarketCap Listing
⚬ CoinGecko Listing
Q2 2023
⚬ AI Xplorer Release
⚬ Major Partnerships
⚬ Tier 1 Marketing Campaign
⚬ major upgrades + implementations
Q3 2023
⚬ Further Ath Incoming Bot Upgrades
⚬ CEX Listing
⚬ AI Xplorer Major Upgrade
⚬ Testing new implementations
⚬ Further expansion research
Q4 2023
⚬ V2 White Paper Release
⚬ Continous


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